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Why Choose KomBea

Dramatically improving the performance of live agents

Call center experts understand the benefits of providing customers with both automated systems and live agents. Automated systems can provide a level of accuracy, security, and efficiency not possible with live agents, yet still don't fulfill many other customer-service needs. Live agents are often the better choice, though their imperfections introduce inaccuracy, security risks, and inefficiency. After all, that's what it means to be human.

KomBea bridges this gap! Our agent-assisted automation technology enables live agents to communicate with computer-like accuracy, security, and efficiency thereby enabling call centers to achieve the qualitative benefits of human intelligence with the quantitative returns of automation. By blending human intelligence with automation, KomBea drives improvement in key areas of call-center performance.

Getting Started

KomBea brings decades of combined experience to provide you the expertise to ensure your success! We will train you on how to design, implement, and optimize your project in our technology to automate compliance, drive performance, and increase agent efficiency! We will integrate with your CRM, Dialer, Customer Database, or any other application that your agent needs to manage your conversation. Let's have a no obligation discovery discussion to determine if this is a good fit for you.

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Partner Network - Need Agents?

If you do not have your own center then based on your call type, preferences, and price point we can match you with a certified call center in our partner network. Our partners are industry leaders with a proven record of providing world-class service and performance. Utilizing the partner network is a great way to ensure you are getting the best performance at the very best price!

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"Call Centers: The Deep and Still Largely Untapped Vein of Operational Profits"


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Agents and customers securely exchanging sensitive information.
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Call recording and screen capture — simple and inexpensive.
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All the features of ExactCall, SecureCall, and ReCall — plus much more.

ProtoCall enables you to measure, drive and maintain Continuous Improvement on your call processes, whether these be in productivity, quality, or elsewhere.
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