ProtoCall AI

The quality of your AI solution relies heavily on the quality of the data used to train it. Our team harnesses intelligence, skills, technology, and cultural knowledge to create custom rich datasets and labeled training data for your machine-learning applications, Conversational AI, AI Bots, and Intelligent Platforms.

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KomBea solutions enable call centers to fast-track their Conversational AI projects
while also helping live agents achieve industry-leading compliance and security.

ProtoCall AI - Data

We create rich, labeled datasets with audio samples and metadata such as call context, outcome, customer demeanor, accent, age and gender.

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ProtoCall AI - Services

Our AI, combined with Operators, delivers calls that replicate your best agent on their best day, on every call.

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We make it easy for customers to provide sensitive information (credit cards, account numbers, email addresses, etc.) without the agent ever seeing or hearing it.

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Compliance & Security

Use our encryption layers between all installed software and user mobile applications.

Efficient Process

Increase sales performance in a fast and easy management software interface.

Happier Customers

Improve the experience of your customers by providing a secure, risk-free interaction.

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