KomBea Strategic Partnerships

KomBea has a number of strategic partners. These partners allow KomBea to offer world class solutions to our customers. They are great collaborations between businesses with common missions. KomBea is always open to entering into strategic partnerships and putting together goals and objectives for our strategic partnerships. Goals and Objectives where we can share resources in a way that promotes growth for KomBea and KomBea partners. The objective in all of KomBea’s Strategic Partnerships is to offer better products and better services.

Here are the type of Strategic Partnerships that KomBea typically entertains as we evaluate partnerships:

Strategic Partnerships for Sales.


A Sales Partner is a Company or Individual working in the same industry as KomBea and one that wants to bring KomBea products and services to their existing customers and contacts.

Strategic Partnerships for Solutions.


A Solution Provider is a Company looking to enhance their offerings by incorporating KomBea technologies into their products and services to benefit their customers. Offering a complete “Solution” so to speak.

Strategic Partnerships for Technology.


A Technology Partner is a company whose technology can compliment KomBea Technologies in a variety of ways.

Strategic Partnerships for Marketing.


A Marketing Partner is a company that is passionate about spreading the word and promoting KomBea products or providing referrals to companies looking for KomBea Products and Services.

Current Partners

KomBea Strategic Partnerships

Please provide KomBea with the following information and we will be in touch to evaluate partnership opportunity: