Why SecureCall for PCI Scope Reduction?

SecureCall replaces the standard credit card entry fields within an Order Management or CRM system, instead allowing the customer to enter this sensitive data themselves using their phone keypad (DTMF) or through a proprietary SMS interface. Either way, the data is collected and processed without credit card data traversing the call center infrastructure or being heard or seen by call center employees.

Payment is processed in real-time, while reducing or possibly eliminating PCI scope and providing a better customer interaction – one that instills confidence in your organization protecting customer data. SecureCall can also be used for social security numbers, account numbers, and other sensitive information, including HIPAA and Legal data.

SecureCall can help with PCI scope reduction.

SecureCall also provides these benefits

SecureCall PCI scope reduction benefits.
  • Decreases the risk of credit card fraud, because call center employees never hear or see this data.
  • Provides additional compelling evidence, since customers enter the data.
  • Reduces friendly fraud.
  • Delivers comprehensive data protection for HIPAA, PII, PI.
  • Can be used for medical details, banking information, and tax information.
  • No call transfers, no IVR, and no extra hardware.
  • PCI Scope Reduction can often provide a reduction in audit costs.

SecureCall Features

Includes all SoftCall and ExactCall features plus Compare Solutions
Credit Card Collection (PCI Scope Benefits) via DTMF, SMS, Email
Secure Data Collection (SSN, SoFi, Account #, Etc.)
Reports/Compelling Evidence

Secure Data Delivery
API Access

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