Why ProtoCall for Process Management?

ProtoCall deployments involves mapping how each call will flow, from hello to goodbye. Soundboard software is ideal for call types that are fairly scripted such as research surveys (CATI), get-out-to-vote, product registrations, political fundraising, basic customer service, and more. Since ProtoCall allows agents to use pre-recorded audio, they deliver calls that replicate your best agent on their best day, on every call. ProtoCall process management enables a continuous-improvement effort, making your calls better over time.

ProtoCall Process

ProtoCall Benefits

ProtoCall For Full Compliance

Full Compliance

Eliminates fraud and variation. Adherence without training, chair drops, or monitoring.

ProtoCall For Higher Productivity

Higher Productivity

Shorter contact times, faster agent wrap up, and leveraged agent time.

ProtoCall For Lower Costs

Lower Cost

Reduced training, coaching, and attrition. Save time and money.

ProtoCall For Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Drive improvement through process engineering instead of agent coaching.

ProtoCall also provides these benefits

ProtoCall Benefits
  • ProtoCall lets agents deliver intelligent and natural conversations with a keyboard interface that allows them to “speak” using pre-recorded audio.
  • This ensures perfect script delivery that is fully compliant and optimized for success. Soundboard software is much more than a simple logic tree.
  • Customer interactions are engineered with statements, questions, disclosures and comments that allow the conversation to go many directions go.
  • KomBea works with your subject-matter experts to create a process management flow that drives the best results.
  • For some call types, an agent can manage two conversations at the same time.

ProtoCall Features

Call Scripting (In App)
End to End Call Scripting and Automation (Full Soundboard Suite)
KeyBoard Hotkeys
Full Soundboard Administration Suite

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