What are ProtoCall AI – Services?

ProtoCall enables call centers to map and design how a call will flow, from hello to goodbye. ProtoCall can be used for almost any call type, but is ideally suited for calls that are reasonably scripted such as research surveys (CATI), get-out-to-vote, product registrations, political fundraising, customer service, and more. ProtoCall then enables AI Operators to follow a designed path and “speak” using pre-recorded audio, thereby delivering calls that replicate your best agent on their best day, on every call. ProtoCall also enables a continuous-improvement effort, making your calls better over time.

Benefits of ProtoCall AI – Services

ProtoCall For Full Compliance

Full Compliance

Eliminates fraud and variation. Adherence without training, chair drops, or monitoring.

ProtoCall For Higher Productivity

Higher Productivity

Shorter contact times, faster agent wrap up, and leveraged agent time.

ProtoCall For Lower Costs

Lower Cost

Reduced training, coaching, and attrition. Save time and money.

ProtoCall For Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Drive improvement through process engineering instead of agent coaching.

Other Benefits of ProtoCall AI – Services

ProtoCall Benefits
  • Intelligent and natural-sounding conversations
  • Optimal call flow, verbiage, cadence, and style that drive optimal results
  • Calls that are 100% compliant
  • AI automation that allow AI Operators to assist 2 or more conversations at a time