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4 Reasons Why Summarization Improves the Customer Experience 4 Reasons Why Summarization Improves the Customer Experience

Why Summarization? As any strong call center agent knows, there are many things that ...

4 Reasons Why Summarization Improves the Customer Experience | June 22
New KomBea Website Design & Structure New KomBea Website Design & Structure

Welcome to the new KomBea Website. We have restructured our online experience to b ...

New KomBea Website Design & Structure | June 21
Business Process Outsourcing Growth Trends – 2019 BPO Business Process Outsourcing Growth Trends – 2019 BPO

How will developments in the outsourcing market, impact this years growth? Read Time: ...

Business Process Outsourcing Growth Trends - 2019 BPO | June 20

Getting Contact Center Disclosures Right the First Time

100% Correct Disclosures You know the old phrase, “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades”? Well, you should also take that to heart when it comes to the customer experience. Close is not good enough in a contact center—your agents should seek to get it right the first time, every time they talk to […]

Finding the Balance Between Human and Automated Delivery

Automated Delivery & Contact Centers In early 2016, The Economist predicted the death of call centers. They predicted that this death, unsurprisingly, would come from the hands of rising technology. The author explains that, soon, call center workers will not be needed to perform repetitive tasks over the phone, as technology will handle those seemingly […]

The Impact of Automation on Agent Training and Retention

Automation and Agent Training With the massive influx of Contact Center technologies taking place, it’s easy for leadership to turn their attention towards implementing tools, plugins, and software that entirely alters the customer experience. These automation tools are inherently valuable and can save your organization, your team, and your customers time and money. However, the […]

Healthcare Compliance: Risk and Reward

Healthcare Compliance and Security When it comes to dealing with your customers’ sensitive health or personal information, we cannot overstate the importance of compliance and security. If you are responsible for your patients’ medical and healthcare information, the responsibility to protect this data rests on your shoulders.   The Impact on Your Customers The Washington […]

Protecting Consumer Data in the Healthcare and Insurance Industries

Consumer Data Loss = Financial Loss When consumers make payments to or share personal data with their healthcare or insurance providers over the phone, contact centers face an increased risk of fraud and data breaches. According to InstaMed, the average cost to a healthcare or insurance company for a data breach involving credit card data, […]

Customer Service in the Utilities Space: Opportunities for Growth and Improvement

Effective Communications and the Utilities Space As Contact Center professionals in the utilities industry, your job is straightforward: provide high quality and effective communications with your customers regarding billing, outages, and their other needs.   Greentech Media recently reported that, in 2016, the average utility customer spent about eight minutes annually interacting with their utility […]

Making Online Payments Shouldn’t be Risky

Why Protect Online Payments Why is it so important to protect your customers’ personal information while shopping online? The answer is simple—a stolen card can result in significant time and inconvenience for customers who have to remove fraudulent charges and potentially clean up their credit report or deal with credit delays.   The Many Threats […]

Increasing Your Customers’ Trust in Online Shopping

Online Shopping With so many online shopping options to choose from, consumers are becoming more wary of who they give their banking information. Due to the increase in scam sites and fake online retailers, it has become more challenging for consumers to tell the difference between legitimate and illegitimate sites. Some customers may have given […]

Card Not Present – Industry Problems & Solutions

Card Not Present Industries Industries including retail, software, e-commerce and many more, all have one thing in common: they all take payments online, over the phone or via a call center employee. And as we are all aware, this brings a host of unique problems, from fraud and security breaching to time-efficiency. Customer confidence is […]

Protected Information: A Right, Not a Privilege

Protected Information You may ask yourself, “In this day and age, why is protecting my personal information so important when there is already so much of it floating around?” You bank online, you pay for things online or over the phone daily and you maintain multiple online social media profiles — protecting yourself seems nearly […]