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The dreaded disclosure information… you hate hearing it, your agents hate reciting it, and, honestly, your customers are not remembering it. It’s a challenge to make this pesky, yet crucial information interesting and engaging to your customers, but, at the end of the day, they have to hear it regardless. In some industries with heavier restrictions, these disclosures can get rather lengthy, creating a longer (and more frustrating) call for customers. Contact center disclosures do not and should not have to be horrible for your customers or for your agents, though.

Why Do We Even Need Disclosures?

Although they can be burdensome, disclosures are not all bad and truly do serve a strong purpose. Disclosures help your customers understand the legal ramifications of the call or simply that the call may be recorded. Depending on your industry, failure to include certain disclosures during your contact center calls could result in massive fines.
Consider this case study wherein having an existing disclosure helped save a company from a lawsuit: A popular brand of pre-made diet meals was sued by a customer who believed that their call to customer service had been recorded without their knowing. As it turns out, the company did in fact have a disclosure at the beginning of the call indicating to customers that calls may be recorded. However, due to a loophole in the system, the caller had the ability to skip this disclosure in order to speak to a representative quicker.
The case ended up turning in favor of the company, because, even though the disclosure could be skipped, it was still there indicating to customers that calls may be recorded. In the case of this company, having the necessary disclosures in place ultimately saved them money and protected them from significant legal ramifications.

How to Improve Disclosures Altogether

Even if disclosures protect companies from legal ramifications, it still does not mean that customers are listening to them and paying attention. Obviously, as was apparent in the case study, many skip them whenever they can. As an agent who has the job of providing this information, it is your responsibility to make sure customers listen. Not all disclosures are as simple as one indicating that a call is being monitored. Customers may need to get strict next steps or other information that cannot simply be skipped over. It is your job to make them listen, and do it in a way that makes them want to listen.

3 Ways to Make Disclosures A Bit More Fun

If you’re in an industry that will allow it, consider making your disclosures more fun. If you do, we can almost guarantee that your customers will begin paying more attention.
Here are some unique opportunities you can take advantage of, that make contact center disclosures just a little bit more fun.

    1. Add background music.
    A major motion picture would not be successful without a fantastic score underneath it. Consider adding music under your disclosure to catch the listener’s ear and, hopefully, their undivided attention.
    2. Give disclosures a humorous slant.
    You might be providing serious information, but that does not mean you necessarily have to do it in a serious way. Try working humor into your disclosures that will keep your customers on their toes as they laugh along.
    3. Consider the production value.
    Think outside of the traditional monotone box. You have the opportunity to catch people’s attention by doing something beyond what they might ordinarily expect. Ideally, you should be just as proud of a recorded disclosure coming out of your organization as you would be of a piece of marketing or brand collateral. Both are a representation of your brand and should be treated as such.

Perhaps these ideas sparked an idea of your own. Disclosures serve an important purpose but easily fall to the wayside of more creative projects. Putting some time into making them more fun to listen to for your customers will result in a more effective and engaging disclosure that customers will listen to, rather than skip over.

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