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With so many online shopping options to choose from, consumers are becoming more wary of who they give their banking information. Due to the increase in scam sites and fake online retailers, it has become more challenging for consumers to tell the difference between legitimate and illegitimate sites. Some customers may have given their information to an online retailer that resulted in identity theft or credit card fraud. Although your contact center is PCI compliant and security aware, these negative experiences may lead to an overall distrust of contact center agents collecting sensitive information.
And it’s easy to see why. After the sweeping rollout of EMV chip-enabled cards across the country these past two years, online fraud has dramatically increased. According to the ASEAN Post, online fraud cost retailers an estimated US$57.8 billion globally in 2017. Numbers like these require online retailers to step up their efforts to protect their customers’ data.

Online Fraud Example

The travel industry is continuously targeted by fraudsters and identity thieves. Travel Daily News explains that this industry is targeted by thieves who book expensive flights and hotels using stolen card numbers or falsely claiming fraud after a trip has been taken. The report further explains that this type of fraud can cost the airline industry alone nearly $1 billion dollars per year.
Fraud is particularly detrimental to travel agents at smaller agencies who only receive a portion of the bookings they make, but are responsible for all fraud-related chargebacks incurred by their customers. Fraudsters will always find a way to scam retailers and individuals, but it is in the hands of retailers to find the best possible ways to protect customers by staying ahead of criminals.

Card Not Present Solutions

Every day the KomBea team is dedicated to educating the multitude of online retailers across multiple industries who accept Card Not Present payments from their customers. We are committed to improving CNP payments, compliance and associated security needs.
KomBea’s SecureCall solution is a significant advancement for retailers who want to protect customers’ sensitive data, including credit card data. Instead of providing payment information audibly over the phone, customers enter this data using their phone keypad or through an SMS interface. This allows contact centers to collect sensitive information without agents (or anyone else) seeing or hearing it, reducing your organization’s vulnerability to fraud and breach. By providing customers with this secure method for phone payments, customers will be more confident in your organization, while reducing your own liability.
We always look forward to the opportunity to speak with businesses about the challenges they face in taking phone payments from customers. Without the opportunity to hear from industry leaders like yourself, we would not be able to improve our products and tailor them to your needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to find out more about SecureCall or discuss the individual challenges that your company confronts.
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