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SMS has made it quicker and easier for customers to make remote payments to customer service and contact centers. However, while customers may appreciate how simple and efficient it is to make a payment this way, what they may not realize is how safe and secure of an option it really is for them.

What Does SMS Payment Entail?

The process of using SMS payment is quite simple but can differ depending on the industry and the type of information that needs to be collected. In the customer service or contact center space, SMS might be utilized so that customers do not have to give their credit card information orally over the phone to the agent. When this happens, there’s a higher risk of the customer being hacked due to interference or human error. SMS offers a unique way for customers to provide data in a way that will help their information stay more protected and secure.

Why SMS is the Smart and Secure Way for Customers to Make Payments?

So, what exactly is it about SMS that makes it such a smart and secure tool for customer service and contact centers? Consider these reasons as you are deciding whether or not to implement SMS into your center’s technology protocol.

    Users are already intimately familiar with their mobile devices and SMS, saving agents the time of having to explain a complicated web portal or payment screens.
    Users don’t need to download an app or go through a credit card terminal in order to make payments via SMS. Any mobile device that has standard texting can allow users to make payments via SMS, reaching even the older audience that doesn’t use smartphone technology.
    SMS payments are faster and more immediate than other forms of payment, saving caller and agent time.
    SMS payments involve no intermediaries, meaning the customer’s data will be sent to a fully secure data center without any agents seeing or hearing the information.
    Global Availability
    Anyone with a simple, SMS-capable phone can take advantage of SMS payments, making it one of the most globally available payment solutions available in the market today.


Who Should Use SMS Payment?

Any customer service or call center that collects sensitive information (including more than just payment or credit card information) can use SMS to collect that data. In today’s day and age, there is no reason for customers to ever verbally share sensitive data over the phone to your agents. SMS provides the secure exchange of information, allowing compliance for PCI, DSS, HIPAA, and more.

SecureCall: Your SMS Payment Solution

When your customer service or call center takes payments over the phone, you run the risk of fraudsters hacking your customers’ data from your agents and making your organization more vulnerable to breach. KomBea’s SecureCall solution allows your customers to enter in their credit or debit card information using the keypad on their phone or through an SMS interface. Your agents remain on the line, hearing only masked tones and seeing only dots on the screen. Your contact center collects all the information you need, without giving fraudsters the chance to hack details from your agents. SecureCall is a simple to deploy, cost-effective solution to reduce liability on your organization’s end.
KomBea provides affordable solutions to protect your customers’ information, building customer loyalty while protecting your organization from security compliance issues. To see SecureCall in action, call or schedule a demonstration.
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