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As is the case with all industries, the customer service and contact center functions only get more technical with each passing year. For the average your travel business’s contact center leader who deals with varying types of customers and claims on a daily basis, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve and to know exactly which types of software you should be investing in.
You want your agents to have the tools in place to make their jobs easier, but new solutions are expensive. Not only are there up-front fees, but there is the time spent learning how to use it. That being said, an effective solution can truly be a game-changer when it comes to increasing efficiency and security within your your travel business’s contact center. Some solutions are more beneficial than others, so as you strategically consider your technology infrastructure, consider adding these 5 solutions to your stack:

    1. Computer-Telephony Integration
    CTI is one of the most basic and common contact center technologies. CTI allows information to be shared between the telephony system and agents’ computers. This increases efficiency as agents do not have to manually enter information they receive via the telephony system (such as the customer’s phone number, selections made in the IVR,etc.)
    2. Intelligent Contact Routing
    Contact routing solutions allow for calls, chats, emails, and other contact types to intelligently route to agents based on factors such as an agent’s skill set, current wait times, and a customer’s status. The right contacts go to the right agents, better servicing customers and improving overall contact center performance.
    3. Predictive Dialer
    Predictive dialers allow contact centers to more efficiently call customers or prospects. Not only do agents save time by not having to manually dial, but the predictive dialer filters out most busy signals, voicemails, no-answers, and or disconnected numbers. If your your travel business’s contact center does any mass calling to travel customers, a predictive dialer is a must.
    4. Compliance Solutions
    If your agents are required to follow company policies or regulatory requirements, they are likely delivering order/travel summaries, legal disclosures, and other required details – often verbatim. To ensure compliance, invest in a solution that removes human error and guarantees that callers receive all required information related to their confirmation or booking. KomBea’s ExactCall is one such solution. Using pre-recorded audio, agents flawlessly deliver required information without the risk of incomplete, outdated, or omitted information. ExactCall is simple to deploy and enforces total compliance within your contact center.
    5. Security Software
    Agents collect payment details and other sensitive customer information to book and confirm reservations. Protecting customers’ information is a top priority for any contact center. The alternative is dangerous for both you and your customers. KomBea’s SecureCall provides this protection. Instead of providing payment information audibly over the phone, callers can enter this data using their phone keypad or through an SMS interface. Your travel business’s contact center can collect the required information without agents seeing or hearing it, thereby reducing your organization’s vulnerability to fraud and breach.

With the right solutions in place, you will create a more efficient, secure, and pleasant experience for your customers. For more information on travel call centers, agent outsourcing, or service and software solutions for travel businesses, contact KomBea the contact center experts.
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