What is SecureCall?

SecureCall lets call-center agents collect sensitive data (credit card, driver’s license, email address, mother’s maiden name, etc.) without seeing or hearing it. Customers provide requested data using their phone keypad or using our proprietary SMS-texting interface. The customer is never transferred, put on hold, or sent to an IVR.

When the agent clicks a secured data field in their CRM, SecureCall prompts them to select the collection Method (see Step 1). Using Touch Tone (Step 2a), the customer enters digits on their phone keypad as the agent hears monotones and sees dots appear. Using Text Message (Step 2b), the customer responds to an SMS text message as the agent sees when the response is received. When the agent clicks Submit in SecureCall, the data is securely moved to the CRM data field. SecureCall prevents agents from ever seeing, hearing, or copying the data. SecureCall provides the optimal security and feature set when deployed as the agent softphone.

SecureCall can help with PCI scope reduction.

SecureCall is also used to require agents to deliver disclosures, order summaries, or other required information before they can continue (e.g. press NEXT in their Order Management or CRM system). Since disclosures are delivered via pre-recorded audio or through a proprietary SMS interface, they are delivered perfectly every time. You can optionally require customers to acknowledge receipt or acceptance of the disclosure using their phone keypad (DTMF), through a proprietary SMS interface, or even email.

SecureCall Highlights

  • Agent Fraud Protection – agents cannot see, hear, or access sensitive data (credit cards, SSN, email, account numbers, etc.)
  • Lower AHT – customer enters data or accepts disclosures more quickly.
  • Improved C-Sat – alleviates concerns about data security or disclosure details.
  • Easy to Integrate – use your API or our API, deployed as an iFrame on your Webpage or a Windows app with browser extension.
  • Customizable – designed for your calls and needs.

Deployment Options & Costs

SecureCall can help with PCI scope reduction.