Why ProtoCall Lite for Script Adherence?

ProtoCall LiteTM is ideal for blended communication or “guided calls” where a defined or prescribed process is driving the agent’s conversation and talking points. It’s simple and very efficient. ProtoCall Lite allows the agent to follow company approved procedures, and processes while maintaining script adherence by allowing agents to proceed to the next steps of a process, only after completing the preceding step. A good example would be collecting a customer’s address including zip code before completing an order that will require delivery. There are many business environments where ProtoCall Lite is ideal; examples include highly complex or regulated sales calls where specific information must be delivered or collected, but a high touch from the agent is still required.

ProtoCall Lite Process

ProtoCall Lite also provides these benefits

ProtoCall Lite Script Adherence Benefits
  • Author, Deploy and Improve Scripts for your call center.
  • ProtoCall Lite allows you to easily build scripts and deploy them across your call center with the click of a button.
  • Scripts and decision trees are easy to build in the ProtoCall Lite admin tool.
  • ProtoCall Lite allows for a full record of each call and the ability to analyze the data to build better scripts in the future and improve on existing ones.
  • You can see each call by agent, call summary, time on call, etc.
  • ProtoCall Lite integrates with all KomBea products and most commercially available phone systems and CRMs to limit the system changes needed to implement ProtoCall Lite in your environment.

ProtoCall Lite Features

Includes all SecureCall features plus Compare Solutions
Pre-Recorded Audio Using Agents Own Voice
Preview Dialer Functionality

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