Why ExactCall for Disclosures?

ExactCall is presented to agents at strategic points in a call, requiring the agent to deliver disclosures, order summaries, or other required information before they can continue (e.g. press NEXT in their Order Management or CRM system). Since disclosures are delivered via pre-recorded audio or through a proprietary SMS interface, they are delivered perfectly every time. You can optionally require customers to acknowledge receipt or acceptance of the disclosure using their phone keypad (DTMF), through a proprietary SMS interface, or even email.

ExactCall disclosures process.

ExactCall Benefits


Agent cannot continue until disclosure is read, heard and accepted.


Compelling evidence of disclosure being delivered and accepted.


Disclosure is current, complete, and verbatim.


Customer knows disclosure comes from the bank.

ExactCall also provides these benefits

ExactCall Disclosures Benefits
  • Provides a better customer experience than an IVR.
  • Allows the agent to remain on the phone the entire time, with the ability to pause, replay, and continue at any time.
  • Disclosures may contain information within the Order Management or CRM system or data gathered during the call, enabling very customized and dynamic disclosures.
  • Shorter call times, since the disclosures are delivered more clearly and allow the agent to perform other activities (i.e. case noting) while the customer is hearing or reading.
  • Tracks how and when each disclosure is delivered and accepted, creating an accessible audit trail.

ExactCall Features

Pre-Recorded Audio for Disclosures
Disclosure Delivery via Email
Disclosure Delivery via SMS
Disclosure Delivery (TTS)
Pre-Recorded Audio Using Agents Own Voice
SMS Messaging
Email Messaging

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