Customizable Software and Service Solutions are the Key!

From small to mid-size companies to massive global corporations, customization is the key to success. Regardless as to why companies need customization, software modifications are the essential difference between complex problems and simple solutions for their organization.
We can provide custom solutions for everything from scripting changes for process improvement, or solving more complicated challenges like Legal Documentation, or PCI & HIPAA compliance.


Personalization Professionals

There’s no need for special hardware or time-consuming integrations. We have been solving all kinds of problems, for all types of organizations, for many years. KomBea continues to be the thought leader in the compliance and security industry. Contact centers from around the world seek consultation, services and software from our experienced leadership. When companies need to reduce scope or perfect their process with custom software solutions they turn to us.

Compliance Customization

Collecting payments from customers is required operation that companies frequently get wrong. Without the right tools and knowledge companies are paying more, and putting themselves and their customers at risk. We specialize in PCI scope reduction and compliance. With a simple consultation we can find where to minimize or eliminate exposure. We can even provide a custom user interface for your customers to select their method of payment, via CC, ACH, payment plan or Apple Pay, all within a completely safe and PCI compliant system. Giving your customers security with any of their choices. KomBea’s customizable solutions allows you to take control of your collections and avoid compliance audits & fines.

How can we help?

Let us learn about your company. We can identify where a custom solution may help you with the various challenges your call center faces.

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