Consumer Data Loss = Financial Loss

When consumers make payments to or share personal data with their healthcare or insurance providers over the phone, contact centers face an increased risk of fraud and data breaches. According to InstaMed, the average cost to a healthcare or insurance company for a data breach involving credit card data, is nearly $200 per record. In addition to these direct financial losses, there are the indirect costs of loss of customer confidence, bad publicity, a damaged reputation, and even legal liabilities.

Maintaining Payment Card Security in Your Contact Center

In this same article, InstaMed offers several important steps to take for protecting payment information in a phone environment:

    • Do not copy or store payment card data. When you write down credit card data with the intention to fax or scan the information, you run the risk of data breach or internal fraud from your own employees.
    • Keep your IT security measures up to date. Ensure that your billing service is protected from spyware by keeping your security measures up to date, regularly tested, and professionally maintained.
    • Confirm that third-party providers are compliant. If you work with third party service providers who store or transmit sensitive consumer data, you are responsible for their ultimate compliance and security.
    • Educate your employees. Your employees are your first line of defense in protecting sensitive consumer data. At the same time, they can be a serious point of weakness. Consistently train your employees on the latest measures in compliance and security, especially with this sensitive data.


Sensitive Consumer Data Protection Solutions

As a contact center leader within the healthcare and insurance industry, you are responsible for an enormous amount of sensitive data. The good news is that you are not alone, many of companies do this regularly and do it well with KomBea solutions.
SecureCall enables your customers to share their identification or payment information by entering it on their phone keypad or through an SMS interface. Your agents remain on the line, but never hear nor see sensitive data.
ExactCall enables agents to deliver legal disclosures, healthcare details, or other required information using pre-recorded audio or an SMS interface. Information is delivered consistently and correctly every time, without the risk of human error.
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