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Industries including retail, software, e-commerce and many more, all have one thing in common: they all take payments online, over the phone or via a call center employee. And as we are all aware, this brings a host of unique problems, from fraud and security breaching to time-efficiency. Customer confidence is rapidly being eroded, presenting other challenges.
Business leaders passionate about solving these problems have dedicated huge amounts of time and money to finding potential solutions. Merchants from across industries and payment industry professionals have all made a commitment to improving the way they serve their customers’ payment and security needs, but the problems continue.

Data Breaches

According to the IBM 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study, in the United States, the average cost of a single piece of lost or stolen recorded information could cost a company $221 each. This adds up to an organization paying on average upward of $7.01 million in order to recover from incidents in which a customer’s information was compromised. Another report, discussed in SC Media, explains that these numbers can be much more costly for call centers — upwards of $17 million to $27 million for a call center that receives 40 million calls a year. This kind of hit to a financial bottom line is unacceptable, yet avoidable.
The landscape is also affected as consumers are becoming more and more wary of providing sensitive information over the phone. U.S. News & World Report encourages its readers to “be wary of who you trust” when giving out the security code on the back of a credit or debit card. In this age of hyper-vigilance regarding surveillance and the potential invasion of privacy, this customer mentality will likely prove to be steadfast as less and less customers feel comfortable providing information over the phone to the agents working in your call centers. This understandable caution can result in slow-downs and profit loss for industries and contact/collection centers that require over-the-phone payment or personal identifiers.

Increasing Your Customers’ Confidence

One way to divert this caution is by providing overt legal disclosures and order summaries that are free from human error. The importance of reassuring your customers that their confidential information will be secure and protected cannot be overemphasized, yet this reassurance is not enough to ensure that this crucial task will be taken care of. Ironically, new technology allows unique solutions to these new technology problems, opportunities to solve data security issues with software instead of relying on agent training or implementing policies. When customers feel more confident because they can directly interface with the technology instead of an agent, they are not only more likely to purchase they are more likely to be loyal to the companies that provide these new solutions.

KomBea Solutions – SecureCall & ExactCall

We are always excited for the opportunity to talk with business owners about the problems that are plaguing the call center business and discuss how these issues manifest themselves in the work of different companies throughout various industries. Without the chance to hear from industry leaders, we would not be able to refine our products in ways that can better serve our customers. Luckily, over the years we have found that many of these issues can be alleviated with two of our industry leading software solutions: SecureCall and ExactCall.
SecureCall works to remove the element of stress that affects both the caller and the call center employee. Callers can give sensitive information over their phone’s keypad instead of giving it vocally, while agents remain on the call without seeing, hearing or accessing the callers’ confidential information. SecureCall pairs beautifully with another of our solutions, ExactCall.
ExactCall helps your agents deliver required information using pre-recorded audio files, thus avoiding the element of human error. Using pre-recorded information including legal disclosures, order summaries and reservation details guarantees that your agents are in compliance and the information is correct.

Your Solution

By providing your callers with a secure way to provide sensitive data and always 100% correct legal information, your callers can feel more secure and less concerned about sharing their information, thus building trust in your organization and lifting sales.
We believe it all starts with a conversation. Custom solutions cannot be tailored without measuring the business needs and unique obstacles that each company faces. Tell us about your industry and business challenges, and we can customize a demonstration how your company can protect itself, save money, save time, and build better customer relationships.
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